Pad Printing Pads

Pads in pad printing serve as essential components that transfer ink from the printing plate to the object being marked. Made of silicone, they have the ability to conform to different shapes and surfaces, making them ideal for printing on three-dimensional and irregular objects such as toys, tools, and electronic products. Their flexibility and durability allow for precise and consistent printing on a variety of materials and textures, making them a versatile tool in the printing industry

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Pad Printing Plates

Cliches or plates in pad printing serve as the carriers of the desired design or image to be transferred onto various surfaces. These plates are typically made of metal or polymer materials and are etched or engraved with the intended design. During the pad printing process, ink is deposited onto the surface of the plate, and a silicone pad then picks up the inked image and transfers it onto the target object. Cliches play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and quality of the printed result, making them indispensable in the pad printing process for applications ranging from industrial markings to decorative printing on consumer product

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Alcohol Plates

Water Plates

Pad Printing Ink